Best Turkey Tour

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Hi Tujan,

Our trip was great! We really enjoyed it. The hotels were both very nice and the tours were very well scheduled. We were very impressed with the amount of coordination it takes to move all the different people to their various locations at designated times. Very well done.

Our tour guides were also great. Kubra and Nevzat in Cappadocia were fantastic! She was so sweet and very helpful answering questions and he was so eager to take photos and make us feel welcome. They were a great pair of guides! Very funny and entertaining!

Our guide in Efes was okay. I didn’t find him as informative as I had hoped. I must also say that I was very unimpressed by the fashion show. I would have preferred to be able to opt out of things like that but was never given the chance. Time is very important when you are on a vacation like that and I feel as though it was a waste of time.

I thought that you, Tujan, did an excellent job! i understand that it may not be in your protocol to book seats for your guests but I think that it should be a vital part of your service moving forward. Some travellers don’t have access to internet when travelling making it difficult to book seats not very easy. Thank you for booking ours when you were able. I do appreciate it.

All in all I would say that the service provided by this tour was an 9 out of 10. I was very pleased.

Thank you,

Catherine + Graham