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Istanbul Two Continents Tour


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Embark on a fascinating journey with our Istanbul Bosphorus Two Continents Tour. Traverse the historic city, crossing the Bosphorus Bridge to explore both the European and Asian sides. Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of each continent, from the ancient relics of Europe to the vibrant markets of Asia. This tour offers a unique perspective on Istanbul’s dual identity, providing a captivating blend of history, tradition, and modernity. Explore the best of two worlds with our seamless Two Continents Tour.

  • 1 Day
  • Max People : Private
  • Istanbul

Tour Plan

Day 1 : Istanbul Two Continents Tour (Private)


The city walls around the Old City was built during the Constantine time after Istanbul was declared as new capital of Roman Empire and named Constantinople ‘New Rome’ in 330 AD. The walls used to touch the water to provide more protection and during the republic time in 20th century, the road was built.


The Golden Horn is 8 km long natural bay and it was named because of the beautiful view of sunset over water. During the Byzantine and Ottoman time it was used as harbor and helped maritime business to improve. The European side divides into two with Golden Horn as Old City and New City.


SPICE BAZAAR (Egyptian Bazaar)

The Spice Bazaar is an old traditional bazaar from 17th century, it is full of colors, herbs, Turkish delights, nuts, spices.



Istanbul is a unique city which is founded on two continents as Europe and Asia. With the Bosphorus Cruise, you have a chance to see both sides of the city. The Asian side is more residential compared to European side and you may see wooden mansions, summer palaces of Sultans, fortresses and pretty neighborhoods. During the cruise, you will have a chance to see stunning Dolmabahçe Palace, Ortakoy Mecidiye Mosque, Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridges, Kuleli Military School, Küçüksu Summer Palace from sea.


RUMELI FORTRESS (From the sea)

The fortress was built during the conquest of Istanbul by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 15th century. To control the Bosphorus strait during the conquest, they put a chain from here to opposite side. It is a nice example of military architecture and it was built as M shape (in arabic alphabet) to represent Sultan Mehmet.



As the Asian side is cooler during the summer time, Ottoman Sultans used to reside in Beylerbeyi Palace and it was also used to entertain visiting heads of states. The palace is built by Sarkis Balyan with rococo and baroque style. It has gorgeous reception hall with marble pool and magnificent gardens.



Camlıca hill is the highest point of the city and provides magnificent panorama for visitors. You can see meandering Bopshorus along the way, business center of the city, two bridges and Old City from here.

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